The Jordaan area: a working class neighborhood transformed


Authentic, but with a modern, hip twist: that is The Jordaan area. A neighborhood in the middle of the city centre, the Jordaan was founded in 1612 to house Amsterdam’s fast growing working class and its immigrants. Nowadays, the Jordaan area still offers you a taste of the life of ages past, but also houses many restaurants and bars. It is one of the most sought-after places to live in the country.

The Jordaan area was home to a large number of immigrants, who came to Amsterdam for work. The neighborhood had a large Jewish population and the area and its inhabitants suffered greatly during the second World War. This part of history is permanently on display in the House of Anne Frank, one of the most well known historic locations in the world. Visit the museum, which is located in their original home, and see for yourself how her and her family lived during the occupation. Visit the room where she spent hours scribbling in what is now the most famous diary in the world.

Tips & Tricks

  • The canals of Amsterdam are home to hundreds of houseboats. Ever wondered how they look like from the inside? And why people would happily choose to live this way? Then go visit the Houseboat Museum in The Jordaan.
  • Combine a visit to the Jordaan with lunch or dinner. There are countless numbers of hip restaurants and bars.
  • You can get your tickets to the Anne Frank House in advance, via their own website:
  • Visit ‘de negen straatjes’ (‘the nine streets’). This part of the Jordaan features monuments, architectural highlights, authentic, historically accurate shops and a number of very typical bars and restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else.