Gouda: uncover the history behind the greatest Dutch delicacies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”20″][vc_column_text]Have you ever been to Gouda? Probably not. But chances are you have tasted one of their most famous products, the world renowned Gouda Cheese. And did you know that Gouda is a very nice and rewarding visit during your stay in The Netherlands? Well, you do now.

Gouda is located south of Amsterdam, between the nations capital city and The Hague. This makes it an ideal visit for those that want to venture outside of Amsterdam and want to visit The Hague.

So what’s so special about Gouda? Well, apart from a stunningly beautiful historic inner city, you get to see how cheese was traded over a century ago when you visit the ‘cheese market’ (‘Kaasmarkt’). If you decide to buy a piece of the world’s most famous cheese here, you have to do it the old fashioned way, by participating in a trading ritual that has been in place for over a century.

Gouda is home to another famous Dutch delicacy: the Stroopwafel (a waffle filled with syrup that you simply have to experience). Some traditional Dutch foods can be a bit of an acquired taste (like raw herring with onions), but the Stroopwafels are universally loved. In the original Stroopwafel factory, you not only get to taste them but you also get to see how they are made.

A visit to Gouda will satisfy your curiosity and your hunger for Dutch delicacies!

Tips & Tricks

  • Do you want to visit The Hague? Do not skip Gouda! It is nearby and easily accessible.
  • Plan your visit on a Thursday, to make sure that you do not miss the Cheese Market (only on Thursdays from April to the end of August)
  • Visit the spectacular St. Jans Kerk, the longest church in the country, and be amazed at their 72 original stained glass windows – each one of them a piece of art in its own right!
  • In the Van Vliet Stroopwafel factory (since 1864) you can make your own Stroopwafels to take home and treat your friends and family.

Visit the Goudse Waag (since 1668!) and learn all about the art of making cheese as well as other ancient dutch arts and crafts!

Photo: Daniel Bartos / Shutterstock